Are You Part Of An MLM System Or Do You Own One?

In the book Rich Dad's Guide to Investing, Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter point out that a big difference between a business owner (a person in the "B-Quadrant" of Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrant) and a sole proprieter (a person in the "S-Quadrant" of Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrant) is systems.

B's own business systems, which are automated or run by employees, hence they can be free of the daily business activities and make money while they sleep.

S's on the other hand, are the system. They operate everything in their business from product development to sales to customer orders to administration to accounting. That's why S's are always caught up in the "busy-ness" of their business and never have any time freedom at all.

Now when you first became a new recruit in your network marketing business opportunity, you may have felt like an S. You had to do a lot of drudge work - calling prospects, booking meetings with them, mailing out info packs, following up etc. All very time consuming tasks, and that's before you've even recruited a prospect.

Your team leaders told you they had a system and told you to follow that system. But here's the thing - you didn't have a system, you became part of an MLM system. Their system.

You would have to work in that system until it reached a critical mass where you had enough active downline members to do all of that drudge work in your place. This is the concept of duplication. But the vast majority of network marketers don't duplicate themselves very well.

The drudge work of network marketing is time consuming, costly and horribly inefficient. The majority of networkers are building their businesses part-time. Most simply do not have enough time and energy to get decent results using these "old-school" prospecting methods.

Of those that become leaders and build a large downline with the old-school methods, many find they are often spending a lot of time on the phone training their downline and doing 3-way calls with new prospects. So much for the promise of financial freedom...

Successful entrepreneurs are all systems minded. Network marketers should not be any different. There are systems that can be developed to take care of prospecting, educating and follow up for you. And you should look into developing systems that can do all that drudge work for you as soon as possible if you're serious about making money in MLM.

Thanks to the internet, it is possible now to create a complete marketing system for pennies on the dollar. It is possible to create an entire website, with your own dot-com web address, for less than $100 per year. There are so many free tools on the web such as YouTube, blogs etc that you can use as part of your marketing system.

There's such an abundance of people on the internet looking for business opportunities. It's just a matter of creating a system for your business that sifts and sorts through your leads until you have a prospect that is qualified for your opportunity and eager to get started.

Here's a very basic outline of a fully automated online marketing system:

1. A squeeze page (also called a capture page), that converts your web traffic into leads. A squeeze page captures basic contact details (i.e. name and email) of the traffic that lands on it. In exchange for these contact details, you can give a valuable piece of information away for free, such as a report or audio.

2. Email Autoresponder. This is a series of prewritten emails that goes to your leads over certain period of time. The purpose of these emails is to develop a relationship with your leads by giving away valuable information. You can include links to video or audio training in these emails.

3. Self Liquidating Offer. This is a product or a piece of information that you can sell to your leads once you have established a relationship with them. You might want to show them your plan in this information product. The purpose of this is to turn your leads into prospects. Only those who are serious will by your product. And it's a neat way of getting paid to "show the plan". You can use this money to pay for your advertising and traffic generation.

4. Follow up. This is where you follow up on your prospect by getting in touch with them by telephone and qualify them for your business. If you have a system that runs properly, it's only this final step that actually requires your involvement. All previous steps can be completely automated.

When I first learned about this type of prospecting system, it blew my mind as to why nobody else in my upline, downline, crossline knew about it. It just makes so much sense. It eliminates all of that time and money consuming drudge work.

Most importantly it's a system that you personally own. This makes you much more valuable to prospects than other rank and file network marketers who are still using the 'old-school' methods.

Implementing such a system will take some time (perhaps a year, even two) in educating yourself and getting all the pieces to fit together. But once in place, it means leverage. And that means business building becomes a pleasure, rather than a pain.


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